Cathy ColellaWelcome to the Booth Free Elementary School web page! We are a kindergarten through grade 5 school located in Litchfield County. What makes our school special is our collaborative dedication to excellence. Our children, our parents, our community, and our faculty and staff set challenging expectations for learning and we work together toward common educational goals.

Academically, at our elementary school, a strong focus is placed on acquiring and refining skills in reading, written and verbal communication, mathematics, social studies, and science. Music, art, physical education, Spanish and library media classes enrich learning at all grade levels. Our children learn computer technology skills and use them to do meaningful work in the content areas.

All of our academic skills are imbedded within and across the curriculum. Children learn skills through authentic and engaging activities that are relevant to them. They are real world experiences where children gain power and fulfillment from their ability to understand the learning experiences that are taught to them.

Socially, our school projects a warm and nurturing environment for learning. Our children come first, and all of our efforts are directed toward their intellectual, emotional, and physical well-being. Support staff members offer a variety of services to assist children with individual needs.

Our PTO provides leadership and support to make many special projects and activities a reality. Throughout the year, child-centered special events and programs sponsored by the PTO enliven and enhance our school programs.
This is accomplished through their volunteer efforts and dedication to the students and staff.

In summary, the parents, the community, the teachers and staff, and the administration work collaboratively to ensure an environment that is directed towards the lifelong pursuit of knowledge. Booth Free School is a place that is warm and inviting and welcoming to all.

Cathy G. Colella